Production design

At Sholight, we combine extensive technical knowledge with a vast background and education in the arts to provide clients with an overall design that is both cohesive and unique. We understand delicate relationship between the lighting, video, and scenic designs. Our Production Design team provides clients with a “One Mind, One Design” experience. This concept is at the heart of Sholight’s success in the entertainment design industry.



As the name says, Sholight specializes in entertainment lighting design. Over the years we have worked to establish an advanced and highly integrated design process that allows our designers to focus more on the end product and less on the process. Utilizing industry leading CAD applications along side our own propriety paperwork solution ShoReady, we are able to provided clients the designs they need on time and on budget.

Over the last two decades we have designed lighting for Special Events, Concerts, Broadcast Television, Webcasts, Music Videos, and Feature Films.


scenic DESIGN

Just as important as lighting, good scenery is a critical component in establishing and maintaining a shows visual brand. We work directly with our clients to create both custom scenic elements as well as integrate existing products. Our team is experienced in theatrical, furniture, and interior design. Our processes include concept renderings, technical and shop drawing, plus vendor coordination and production.

From custom podiums and retails style displays, to large theatrical sets with everything from simple softgoods to advanced scenic automation, we have the experience and technical knowledge needed to make your show a success.

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Like many industries, the digital age has had a great effect on the entertainment industry. Almost all systems are digitally controlled, networked, and require some level of programming. This is where Sholight’s Systems Integration (SI) team comes into play.

 Our SI team is experienced in designing, specifying, and implementing integrated solutions for both temporary systems live events as well as permanent installations. We bring together the components of lighting, video, audio, rigging, and scenery into one unified system. This system allows venues and events to run more effectively.



Sholight understands the tight convergence between the architectural and entertainment design disciplines and and has the expertise needed to provide assistance in designing world-class entertainment venues.

We use our knowledge of entertainment and architectural systems to offer a unique entertainment venue consulting experience. Through the use of industry standards such as Building Information Management (BIM) coupled with our proprietary solutions we are able to construct advanced 3D Models of venues to explore all aspects of a venue's technical operations while closely considering even the finest of architectural details.

Working side-by-side with the client’s architects, interior designers, and contractors to ensure harmony between the entertainment systems and architecture.